Travertine Floor Restoration

With over 15 years’ experience in restoring Natural Stone flooring and other surfaces, the team here at Infinity Flooring can clean, polish and seal your Travertine floors to bring them back to looking as good as new!

Granite Floor Restoration

We can transform your granite floor or benchtop from dull and dreary to a desirable delight, all at an affordable price, with our range of granite polishing and restoration services.

Marble Floor Restoration

Our expert team offers a variety of solutions soothing your damaged aesthetic and unwanted marble floor blemishes with a range of top-quality treatments. Our marble floor polishing, grinding and restoration service can totally transform the look of your marble, returning its natural lustre and sheen.

Limestone Floor Restoration

We specialise in restoring your limestone floor tiles back to their full potential.

Our expert team of contractors will use their wealth of knowledge and experience to hone, clean, polish and seal your limestone floor tiles until they look as good as new.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

If your floor has suffered from being covered in carpet, don’t despair; there are steps which can be taken by the experts to restore condition. This includes using filler, or filler with aggregates (tiny flecks of marble), to seal any cracks or chips before moving onto other treatments. Matching filler to floor requires the eye of a professional to create a seamless final product.