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Perth Professional Floor Anti Slip Treatment

Perth Floor Anti Slip Treatment


Infinity Floor Restoration is focusing on floor safety and maintenance using the latest technologies available to make commercial and industrial flooring safer. Our Product Anti Slip Floor Treatment reduces the risk and dangers of slip/falls and the resultant potential of personal injury, lawsuits, and litigation costs, increased insurance cost, and employee days lost can be minimised. Grip Guard is an Anti Slip Floor Safety Treatment and has a solution for every slippery floor surface. As a trained floor safety operator we will

  • Assess floor safety needs to assist with compliance with OH&S, building codes and Australian Standards using an ASM slip meter
  • Implement the most advanced anti-slip products and services available in the world including non-slip floor treatments, tactiles for the visually impaired, non-slip stair nosings, and slip resistant concrete sealers.
  • Provide on-going advice and maintenance through our  Maintenance program
  • Provide cost-effective non-slip floor safety solutions combined with helpful, friendly and efficient service

Why Use Infinity Floor Restoration Anti Slip Flooring Treatment

We’re with you every step of the way… The list of reported slip/fall accidents in the workplace, shopping areas, supermarkets, leisure and sports centres, swimming pools etc is endless. Slip/fall accidents rank second to road traffic accidents as the highest cause of personal injury, causing serious pain, suffering and even death. A careless approach to safety requirements and lack of standards in the most obvious situations will be considered negligence – the legal definition of which is ‘failure to use a reasonable amount of care when such failure results in injury or damage to another’. Failure to acknowledge the pitfalls and take steps to prevent accidents is expensive and usually involves high compensation under public and employer liability insurance. The proactive approach to accident prevention is positive, responsible and cost-effective and must be a priority in the daily running of the business. 

Through the comprehensive training and field experience we can assess your needs and come up with a cost effective solution to your issues. 

Why Choose Infinity Floor Restoration Services

Highly Skilled Team of Floor Cleaning, Polishing, Resurfacing & Sealing in Perth

All Infinity Floor Restoration staff are experienced professional floor cleaning technicians. We train our staff to BICS Standards and they take pride in the service we deliver.

Affordable and Cost Effective Floor Cleaning Services

Our outstanding services are available to you at a very competitive and flexible pricing. We pride ourselves on being excellent value for money. Contact our team now for a free professional floor restoration quote.

Personalised Professional Floor Restoration Services

No two customers are the same, at Infinity Floor Restoration we know that everybody’s needs are different, and we’ll offer you a completely bespoke service. It’s your office, your staff and your visitors will see what we do, let’s not forget, it’s your needs that matter the most.


Infinity Floor Restoration is certified by Klindex for providing Concrete, Marble, Granite and Terrazzo floor polishing services using Klindex Equipment. We are also an Accredited Applicator of DRY-TREAT, industry's leading impregnating sealers & enhancers for natural stone, bricks, pavers, tiles, engineering concrete & grout. Written 15-year performance warranties are available when DRY-TREAT's impregnating sealers are applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.

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Infinity Floor Restoration

Based in Perth and specialised in residential & commercial flooring maintenance, Infinity Floor Restoration is committed to the ongoing development of innovative cleaning procedures. We personalise our services to fit your unique needs and can provide a wide range of specialty floor restoration services: cleaning, polishing, grinding, resurfacing and sealing. We use environment friendly practices to extend the life of your tile floor, natural stone floor, concrete floor or any other floor surfaces. We offer a professional floor cleaning service to provide you clean and healthy live & work environment.


Certified by Klindex & Accredited Applicator of DRY-TREAT

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