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If you’re looking for professional tile and grout cleaning in Perth, Infinity Floor Restoration is the obvious option for Perth homeowners. Cleaning tile and grout is our forte. We’ll send one of our experts straight to your home to start the restoration process.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Perth - Infinity Floor Restoration Perth

Once Upon a Time – Your Floor Looked Really Good

If you were around when your home’s flooring was first installed, you probably remember how clean it looked. New flooring is free of the scratches, damage, stains, and braising that we see in old flooring.

Not only did your new floor look clean—it was also easy to clean! Dirt build-up and spills would wipe right off the surface. Times were good.

How Does It Look Now?

What about now? If your flooring is more than a few years old, you probably can’t imagine what it used to look like. Your brain gets conditioned to its current state.

After investing so much money into a new floor, years of wear and tear will result in scratches, stains, discolouration, and other aesthetic damage. In some ways, it’s like throwing thousands of dollars down the drain.

Don’t Despair – Infinity Flooring to the Rescue!

Don’t stress too much if your floor or tiling is currently looking old— you don’t have to purchase new flooring if you know how to rescue your current tiles.

Our floor repair experts understand how to return your floor to its previous state. You won’t believe it’s not brand new. We employ a step-by-step process with extreme attention to detail. We remove every stain, scratch, and mark from your flooring.

If you want your floor as good as new, it’s essential to use a service that covers every inch with the same attention to detail. We use state-of-the-art cleaning products and machinery to put the sparkle back on your tile.

Our team of highly qualified floor restoration experts has over 15 years of experience with tile and grout cleaning services. All our current members of staff hold BICS certifications. Infinity Floor Restoration has the skills you need to ensure the longevity of your flooring. Tile and grout damage often goes more in-depth than meets the eye—bring in Perth’s best tile and grout cleaners for your next job!

The Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

To restore your tile and grout to its previous glory, our step-by-step process covers every aspect of restoration. Let’s explore it in more detail below.

1. Assessment

Before we start the restoration process, we’ll send an expert to your home to assess the damage and create an effective plan for restoring your tile and grout. Feel free to ask our staff member any questions you may have.

2. Treat Flooring (Tile and Grout)

Once we start the cleaning process, we’ll apply a professional alkaline-based cleaning solution – it sits on your tile and grout to destroy grease, build-up, dirt, and other particles. We only use products which are eco-friendly and are 100% child and pet-friendly.

3. Steam and Power Scrub your Tiles or Natural Stone Floors

Steam is effective, clean and environmentally friendly. We will use this method to loosen all embedded dirt to ensure complete cleaning of your tiles and grout.

If necessary, we will also power scrub your tile and grout with specialised brushes. We’ll ensure all areas of the floor are equally clean.

4. Turbo Power Wash and Rinse

We’ll pressure wash and rinse your tile and grout using hot water. All waste and contaminants are contained and removed during this process.

5. Final Drying Process

Once the entire cleaning process is concluded, we’ll speed dry your tile and grout. We will not leave your premises until your floor is completely dry. Your floor is now usable again!

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