Why Choose Infinity Floor Restoration

Here at Infinity Flooring, it is our duty to offer everything you need for a perfect and comprehensive floor treatment service. From sealing to polishing, buffing stone floors to limestone floor restoration, we have everything you need to bring your space to life and get the most from your floor. Certified by the best, we offer a bespoke service, tailored entirely to your needs, and designed to match the best solutions for your flooring properties and unique environment.

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Who Are We?

Here at Infinity Flooring, we offer a range of restoration and maintenance services designed to meet your needs and improve the condition, longevity, and appearance of your floor. Based in Perth, we are qualified and professional flooring experts who focus on producing excellent service and top quality results.

We specialise in residential and commercial flooring maintenance, offering services from stone floor cleaning and sealing to stripping and sealing vinyl floors.

Having traded for over 15 years, we have the experience to specialise in quality. We offer a highly skilled team of professionals – all trained to BICS Standards – all practiced in polishing, resurfacing, cleaning, and sealing to ensure exceptionally high standards every time.

Infinity Floor Cleaning Service

What Do We Do?

Whatever your flooring type, we can help, offering services including cleaning, polishing, sealing and grinding for both natural stone and concrete floors, as well as treatments for everything from terrazzo to travertine floors. We also treat vinyl and tiled floors, offering stripping, cleaning, grouting, and sealing services. Our practices are always tailored to your environment, ensuring top quality every time.

We pride ourselves on committing to the ongoing development of innovative cleaning procedures and on our ability to see each customer as a unique individual. As a result, we will personalise our services in order to meet your exact needs, ensuring total customer satisfaction every time.

Why Do You Need Us?

“Hang on,” I hear you thinking, “stone is supposed to be durable: why would I need it treated?” Whilst it is true that your stone flooring was built to last, the heavy traffic and regular wear and tear which is a natural part of a floor’s life means that it can become dull and damaged, making it appear tired and unappealing.

In addition, many commercial and generic cleaners and chemicals can actually damage some stone, leaving it warped or discoloured. Professional cleaning and restoration can solve this issue, returning quality to your interior and breathing new life into your floor, transforming the look of your space. We have the exact slate floor cleaner or granite polish your floor needs. Proper sealing can also increase the longevity of your surface, giving it the tools it needs to stay strong and firm for years to come.

Experts recommend that natural stone floors, such as limestone, marble, and travertine, should be cleaned, polished, and sealed every 6-12 months to preserve their shine and quality. A small investment in marble polishing or limestone floor maintenance is certainly a better deal than replacing the whole surface.

Why Choose Us?

Infinity Flooring has a reputation for excellence, and we have the credentials to back it up. Certified by Klindex, which has a reputation as a leading professional within the industry, we have a duty to produce the best quality results every time. In addition, we have the added bonus of being an accredited applicator of Dry Treat, renowned for its industry leading sealers and enhancers for a range of materials such as natural stone and concrete. Even better? Full 15-year warranties are available, providing your Dry-Treat sealer is applied by an accredited applicator, to give you total peace of mind.

What Can We Offer?

As well as excellent service and guaranteed results, Infinity Flooring can also offer a comprehensive package of flooring treatments to protect your surface at every stage of its life. We provide extensive and thorough cleaning services, tailored to meet the needs of your floor and its material exactly to guarantee a perfect finish.

We can also grind and polish marble floors to restore them to full glory, and keep your space looking professional and smart for longer. A variety of sealing treatments are also available; these focus on creating a barrier between the flooring surface and external environmental factors which can cause damage and stress, such as dirt, chemicals, footfalls, and scratches.

Following these protective and preventative treatments, you can add the final touch with our extensive polishing service, which will gently coax out the hidden shine and restore your floor to its full potential, providing a smooth, shiny, and top-quality finish.

What are you waiting for?

All work is delivered by skilled, experienced workers, and is offered at totally affordable prices. If you need complete floor restoration services, call us now! Protect and enhance the look and condition of your flooring by calling today for a no obligation chat!


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