Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Anti-slip floor safety treatment is suitable for all stone-based floor surfaces including ceramic and porcelain tiles, terrazzo, marble, granite, concrete and aggregate.

We have over 15 years of experience, Infinity Flooring has supplied and installed anti-slip flooring for many of our residential and commercial customers.

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Anti-Slip Floor

Slips and falls are a major liability issue for businesses and homeowners alike as personal injury suits can be costly.

Anti-slip flooring is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the current grip of your floor.

Reduce Risk and Prevent Injuries with Anti-Slip Flooring

Slippery floors pose numerous risks. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, it’s essential to ensure that your floors are safe. If you don’t have anti-slip flooring on your current surfaces, you may be open to potential litigation from individuals who injure themselves on your property. Litigation is both expensive and time-consuming— it can risk the livelihood of your business and your family.

In addition, if you operate a commercial property, you’ll need to cover the costs of injured employees if an accident occurs at work. This can also result in higher insurance premiums if you have commercial liability insurance0 on your current property.

Why Anti-Slip flooring is the Optimal Choice

If you’re looking at a range of different options to reduce the slipperiness of your floors, you’re probably wondering: why anti-slip flooring? Below we’ll take a look at some of the primary benefits associated with this type of slip solution.

Anti-Slip flooring – No Ongoing Maintenance

If you’re looking for anti-slip flooring that doesn’t require ongoing investment, this is a perfect choice. You won’t need to employ any special maintenance techniques. Also, you can clean the flooring using standard cleaning techniques— there’s no need to adjust your current maintenance techniques.

However, if you do want to ensure your floor remains up to standard, we have a floor maintenance program that takes the stress out of the process!

Anti-Slip flooring – keep your floor’s appearance

Some types of flooring modification result in negative aesthetic results for the flooring. If you’ve paid a lot of money for your current floor, chances are you don’t want to ruin the aesthetic appeal of your investment.

Using our anti-slip flooring, you won’t notice any difference in your floor’s current appearance.

Guaranteed Slip Resistance—Warranty Included

If you want additional assurances that your floor is now slip-resistant, we provide all our customers with a slip-resistance warranty that guarantees the surface of your new floor is resistant to accidents.

No Time-Consuming Installation Processes

Whether you operate a commercial property, or you want anti-slip flooring in your home, it’s essential to choose a process that doesn’t take long. If you select a company or method that takes weeks to implement, it may kill your current productivity.

Our process only takes a matter of hours, and we’re happy to carry out the procedure inside or outside of business hours.

Our Process

Step 1: Preparing Your Flooring

Before we start applying your new flooring grip, we’ll clean and prepare your surface to remove any contaminants that may cause issues during the installation process. We’ll prepare the surface of your floor with a pressure sprayer.

Step 2: Activating Your Grip

We’ll test your surfaces to decide the optimal amount of grip that needs to be activated, then apply and activate the anti-slip coating.

Step 3: Neutralizing Your Grip

Once the amount of resistance is achieved, we’ll neutralise the grip, and your floor is ready to go!

Did you know?

The list of reported slip/fall accidents in the workplace, shopping areas, supermarkets, leisure and sports centres, swimming pools etc is endless.

Slip/fall accidents rank second to road traffic accidents as the highest cause of personal injury, causing serious pain, suffering and even death.

A careless approach to safety requirements and lack of standards in the most obvious situations will be considered negligence – the legal definition of which is ‘failure to use a reasonable amount of care when such failure results in injury or damage to another’.

Failure to acknowledge the pitfalls and take steps to prevent accidents is expensive and usually involves high compensation under public and employer liability insurance.

The proactive approach to accident prevention is positive, responsible and cost-effective and must be a priority in the daily running of the business.

Through the comprehensive training and field experience, we can assess your needs and come up with a cost effective solution to your issues.

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Additional Services

Anti-Slip Floor Refinishing

Bring the shine back into your Anti-Slip Floor – and your life – with an Anti-Slip Floor refinishing option. Refinishing can remove minor scratches and cracks whilst enhancing extreme shine. The tougher composition of the Anti-Slip Floor means that this can be a cost-effective way of increasing natural shine and injecting vitality.

Grinding Anti-Slip Floor

Does Anti-Slip Floor polish seem to make no difference to the quality of your floor? Are there unsightly ridges caused by grout that threaten to ruin the fluid perfection? If this is the case, grinding could be the solution. This process flattens your Anti-Slip Floor to the level of the grout lines, making cleaning your Anti-Slip Floor or benchtop a dream and enhancing shine.

Anti-Slip Floor Honing

Again, the harder nature of the Anti-Slip Floor makes this a good option. Anti-Slip Floor honing is specifically designed to remove scratches and signs of wear. The process involves removing the top layer of the Anti-Slip Floor, revealing the fresh, polished surface underneath. Once thoroughly buffed, this creates a flawless, scratch-free finish.

Anti-Slip Floor Polishing

Sometimes your stone just needs a chance to let its natural beauty shine through. Having your Anti-Slip Floor professionally polished by Infinity Flooring can be a very cost-effective, fast and easy way of breathing new life into a tired Anti-Slip Floor. Professional Anti-Slip Floor polishing can recreate the natural shine, creating a long-lasting effect.

Anti-Slip Floor Sealing

Anti-Slip Floor can be susceptible to blemishes thanks to its porous nature, and stain removal can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. Sealing offers a barrier against environmental damage such as cleaners, dirt, and stains, and makes Anti-Slip Floor stone floor cleaning an easier process.

Anti-Slip Floor Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Again, stain removal is tricky for Anti-Slip Floor, and this is a task best left to the professional team from Infinity Flooring. Before treating your floor in any way, it is important to start with a deep clean and stain removal. This allows any further treatments to take place on a blank surface, giving them an opportunity to provide full impact. A deep clean can also be an ideal way to freshen up your Anti-Slip Floor surface between treatments.

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