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Boasting more than a decade and a half of expertise in restoring marble flooring and other surfaces, the world-class team at Infinity Flooring. possess the necessary skills to hone, grind, clean, and polish your marble floors and benchtops to make them appear like they’re brand new!

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Our Marble Cleaning and Polishing Services

Marble Cleaning Services

As time passes, your once gleaming marble floors or countertops may start to lose their lustre, taking on a dull and lifeless appearance due to the accumulated dirt, dust, and debris. The marble you once admired for its shine may become riddled with cracks, scratches and chips, making maintenance a challenging task.

But don’t lose hope just yet.

Infinity Floor Restoration is here with our professional marble cleaning services, offering the solution to revive your marble surfaces. With over 15 years of expertise in reviving the beauty of marble, our team utilises a variety of unique treatments and techniques tailored to meet your needs. We put our customers first, ensuring their satisfaction as we transform their dull marble floors or countertops into stunning surfaces that are sure to impress.

Given that marble is a harder material, it necessitates special care to achieve optimum results. This is why it’s best to entrust the task to professionals who are adept in all forms of marble restoration.

Remember, professional marble cleaning services are not just about cleanliness. They’re about preserving and enhancing the beauty of your marble surfaces, prolonging their life, and ensuring they continue to add value to your home or business. With Infinity Floor Restoration, you can restore the allure of your marble surfaces at an affordable price. So why wait? Contact us today for our top-notch marble cleaning services.

Marble Polishing Services

Sometimes your marble needs a chance to let its natural beauty shine through. Having your marble surfaces professionally polished by Infinity Flooring can be a very cost-effective, fast and easy way of breathing new life into tired marble.

Whether it’s a floor, countertop, or other marble surfaces that need attention, our dedicated team with over 15 years of experience is ready to help restore its original shiny lustre.

Polishing is an integral part of our comprehensive marble care services, and it is more than just a routine procedure. It is an art that we have mastered over the years, allowing us to bring out the best in every piece of marble we work on.

At Infinity Floor Restoration, we’re proud to offer a marble polishing service that combines technical expertise with a deep appreciation for the beauty of this exquisite stone. We understand that every marble surface has its unique charm, and we’re dedicated to bringing out the best in each one.

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Additional Services

Marble Sealing

Marble, a beautiful and durable natural stone, has a porous structure that makes it vulnerable to staining and discolouration. The porous nature of marble allows for the absorption of liquids and other substances, leading to potential blemishes that can mar its elegant appearance. Furthermore, removing these stains from marble can be a challenging, time-consuming, and costly endeavour.

This is where marble sealing comes into play.

Marble sealing involves applying a protective layer over the surface of the marble. This sealant acts as a barrier against various potential sources of damage, ranging from household cleaners to everyday dirt and stains. Doing so drastically simplifies the process of maintaining and cleaning your marble floors or other surfaces, helping to retain their pristine appearance for longer.

Marble Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Again, stain removal is tricky for marble, and this is a task best left to the professional team from Infinity Flooring. Before treating your floor in any way, it is important to start with a deep clean and stain removal. This allows any further treatments to take place on a blank surface, giving them an opportunity to provide full impact. A deep clean can also be an ideal way to freshen up your marble surface between treatments.

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Why Choose Infinity Floor Restoration?


At Infinity Flooring, we provide a variety of restoration, repair and upkeep services, meticulously designed to cater to your specific requirements while enhancing the durability, aesthetics, and overall health of your flooring. Situated in Perth, we are certified flooring specialists committed to delivering exceptional service and superior results.

Our expertise lies in maintaining both residential and commercial flooring. We provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to stone floor cleaning and sealing, marble polishing, as well as the stripping and sealing of vinyl floors.

Our tenure of over 15 years in the industry has equipped us with the proficiency to prioritise and deliver the highest quality services in all we do. Our team, comprised of highly skilled professionals trained to BICS Standards, are experts in polishing, resurfacing, cleaning, and sealing. This assures an unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptionally high standards in every task we undertake.

World-Class Service

Known for our exemplary service, Infinity Flooring stands tall with a wealth of credentials to substantiate our excellence. We are proud to be certified by Klindex, a prestigious name in the industry, affirming our commitment to delivering superior quality results consistently. Adding to our accolades, we are also an accredited applicator of Dry Treat – a brand renowned for its top-tier sealers and enhancers suitable for various materials, including natural stone and concrete.

What’s more? We offer a robust 15-year warranty, subject to application by an accredited applicator, on all our Dry-Treat sealers. This provision is designed to offer you complete assurance and peace of mind regarding the durability and longevity of our services.


The Importance of Regular Marble Care

Marble surfaces, renowned for their elegance and natural charm, demand routine and meticulous care. This attention helps to uphold their sophisticated allure and prevent untimely wear and tear.

Maintaining the natural beauty of marble is of paramount importance. Over time, without proper care, this timeless material can lose its shine and vibrancy. Regular cleaning, polishing, and sealing are essential practices that help conserve its aesthetic appeal, ensuring your marble surfaces continue to captivate and impress.

Preventing damage is another significant facet of marble care. Given the porous nature of marble, it is prone to absorb liquids easily, potentially leading to stains or discolouration. Regular sealing forms a protective layer on the marble surface, mitigating potential damage and preserving the stone’s immaculate condition.

Further, regular maintenance plays a crucial role in enhancing the durability of marble. It safeguards the surface from potential chips, cracks, and scratches, thus extending the life of your marble installations. This ensures that the marble remains a cherished feature of your home or business for a longer period.

Improving hygiene is an often overlooked yet crucial aspect of regular marble care. Regular cleaning aids in averting the accumulation of dirt, bacteria, and mould, thereby maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. This is particularly essential for marble countertops in kitchens or bathrooms, where cleanliness is vital.

Lastly, regular marble care helps preserve the value of your investment. Marble installations significantly elevate the worth of your property. By prioritising regular marble care, you’re not just maintaining its appearance, but also protecting this investment, thus safeguarding your property’s overall value.

At Infinity Flooring, we offer comprehensive marble care services tailored to meet these needs. We leverage our extensive experience, superior quality materials, and professional approach to ensure your marble surfaces remain as splendid as new for an extended period.


Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that is renowned for its beauty, elegance, and versatility. It is created from limestone that has been subjected to high pressure and heat within the earth’s crust, causing a change in the structure of the rock and giving marble its unique swirls and veins of colour.

The frequency of cleaning and polishing largely depends on the usage and location of the marble. However, as a general guideline, professional deep cleaning and polishing of marble surfaces should be carried out annually.

At Infinity Floor Restoration, we handle all types of marble, including Carrara, Calacatta, Crema Marfil, Emperador, and many others. Our team has the expertise and experience to deliver excellent results, regardless of the type of marble.

Yes, we take great care in selecting our cleaning products. All the products we use are safe for both the marble and the environment. They are non-toxic, and specifically designed to effectively clean marble without causing damage.

The duration of the cleaning and polishing process varies depending on the size of the marble surface, its current condition, and the specific services required. However, a typical professional cleaning and polishing session can take anywhere from two days for minimal work to 4-5 days for larger areas.

Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and a pH-neutral cleaner can help maintain your marble surfaces. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that can scratch the marble. However, it’s recommended to use professional marble cleaning and polishing services for optimal results.

Yes, our team at Infinity Floor Restoration is more than willing to assist with moving light furniture before the cleaning and polishing process begins. However, for larger items, we recommend making arrangements beforehand to ensure the area is cleared and ready for work.

Yes, we appreciate it when clients help prepare the area by removing small items and personal belongings from the space. If you could also ensure that the area is free from excessive dust and dirt before we arrive, it would expedite the process.

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