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With over 15 years of experience when it comes to concrete polishing, whether that be for floors or benchtops, the team here at Infinity Flooring can hone and polish your tired-looking concrete to ensure it will shine and delight for years to come.

With our customers sitting at the centre of our focus, we pride ourselves on delivering a fast, efficient and affordable concrete polishing service in Perth, Western Australia. We’re your trusted polished concrete specialists!

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How Much Does It Cost to Polish Concrete in Perth?

Our professional concrete polishing starts from $115 per square metre. We believe in providing fair and competitive pricing to our valued customers, ensuring quality results without breaking the bank.

Polished Concrete Floor Restoration Services

Over time, your shiny, perfectly polished concrete surfaces can begin to deteriorate, reducing their quality and appearance until they emerge as a dull husk of what used to be. Dirt, dust, and the general grime of day-to-day life all make their way into concrete material, leaving it unappealing and uninspiring.

Cracks and chips may appear, making it harder to clean and maintain your polished concrete effectively. You might even find yourself dreaming of those days when your concrete floor or benchtop looked amazingly polished.

Not so fast.

At Infinity Floor Restoration, we can answer all your concrete polishing needs. With experienced and highly-skilled staff boasting over 15 years of experience when it comes to concrete polishing, we can transform your tired-looking concrete surface at an affordable price. Being harder than marble, polished concrete requires special treatment in order to achieve the best results, so it is ideal to call in the professionals for this stone restoration service. Utilising a variety of different treatments and solutions, as well as an ethos that places the customer firmly at the centre, our concrete polishing and restoration experts will provide you with an excellent service each and every time. No matter if you’re looking for a concrete polishing service for residential spaces or commercial properties, the team at Infinity Floor Restoration is committed to doing an amazing job, providing you with a smooth finish that you’ll be proud to show off.

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Is Concrete Polishing Worth It?

Deciding whether concrete polishing is worth it involves considering the long-term benefits and the value it adds to your space. Concrete polishing in Perth is more than just a cosmetic upgrade; it enhances the functionality and sustainability of your floors.

Enhanced Durability

One of the primary benefits of polishing concrete is its enhanced durability. Polished concrete floors are highly resistant to traffic, wear, and tear. This makes them ideal for commercial spaces, industrial settings, and high-traffic areas in residential homes. The process of polishing strengthens the concrete, making it less prone to damage like chipping, staining, or fading.

Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective

Polished concrete is incredibly low maintenance. It requires less frequent cleaning and is easier to maintain than unpolished concrete or other flooring types. This translates to lower ongoing maintenance costs over the life of the floor. The initial investment in polishing can be offset by the reduced need for repairs, replacements, and regular cleaning.

Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of concrete polishing is undeniable. It provides a sleek, modern look that can be customised with different levels of sheen and colour options. This versatility allows it to fit into a wide range of interior designs, from industrial to contemporary.


Concrete polishing is an environmentally friendly option. It leverages the existing concrete slab, minimising the use of new materials. Additionally, many polishing processes use eco-friendly products and produce minimal waste, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious property owners.

Increased Property Value

Polished concrete floors can increase the value of a property. Their modern appearance, durability, and ease of maintenance make them an attractive feature for potential buyers or tenants.

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Our Simple Process

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Request a Quote

Need someone to polish concrete? Call 1300 182 125 or submit an enquiry to arrange a suitable time.

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Obligation Free

One of our friendly team members will personally meet with you at the property. We’re Perth’s concrete polishing specialists.

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Assessment, Explanation & Written Quote

During your consultation, our professional floor technician will assess the extent of the required work. This includes a full explanation and a written quote provided.

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Your Floors Restored/Repaired

A fully trained Infinity Floor Restoration carries out the concrete polishing service using our exclusive range of products.

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Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind with our 100% Service Guarantee.

Additional Services

Polished Concrete Refinishing

Bring the shine back into your polished concrete floor with our refinishing option. Refinishing can remove minor scratches and cracks whilst enhancing shine. The tougher composition of polished concrete means that this can be a cost-effective way of increasing natural shine and injecting vitality.

Grinding Polished Concrete

Does concrete polish seem to make no difference to the quality of your floor? Are there unsightly ridges that threaten to ruin the fluid perfection? If this is the case, concrete grinding could be the solution. This process flattens your concrete floor to one equal level, making cleaning your polished concrete floor or benchtop a dream and ultimately enhancing shine.

Polished Concrete Honing

Again, the harder nature of polished concrete makes this a good option. Concrete honing is specifically designed to remove scratches and signs of wear. The process involves removing the top layer of the concrete, revealing the fresh, honed concrete surface underneath. Once thoroughly buffed, this creates a flawless, scratch-free finish.

General Concrete Polishing

Sometimes your stone just needs a chance to let its natural beauty shine through. Having your concrete floor professionally polished by Infinity Flooring, can be a very cost-effective, fast and easy way of breathing new life into tired concrete. Mechanically polished concrete results in a natural shine, creating a long-lasting effect. If you think it’s time for your polished concrete flooring to receive a long overdue refresh, contact the team at Infinity Floor Restoration. We’re here to provide your concrete slab with the polished concrete finish that it deserves, leaving you extremely happy.

Polished Concrete Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Again, stain removal is tricky for polished concrete, and this is a task best left to the professional team from Infinity Floor Restoration. Before treating your floor in any way, it is important to start with a deep clean and stain removal. This allows any further treatments to take place on a blank surface, giving them an opportunity to provide full impact. A deep clean can also be an ideal way to freshen up your concrete surface between treatments.

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