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Breathe new life back into your home or office space with Travertine Floor Restoration by the Perth’s top Professional Floor Restoration team, Infinity Flooring.

With our knowledge and expertise of stone floor polishing and restoration services, we have the power to transform your stone floor from ugly and dull to a stunning masterpiece at an affordable price.

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Travertine Floor Restoration

Do you remember those early, heady days of travertine floor ownership? A time when smooth surfaces reigned supreme, and you spent your days surrounded by sleek, polished flooring which added an element of sophistication and elegance to every office space, hotel lobby, or domestic corner which it graced? When cleaning up was an easy job, broom and mop gliding effortlessly over the smooth surface, and the end result was a finish which enhanced and reinforced the natural features highlighted in the stone?

Where did it all go wrong?

One day, you came in to find that the glow had faded. Your once-polished travertine floors were cracked and chipped, a ghost of their former resplendent shimmer. The overall effect was tired and dull, a space which it felt as though no-one really cared or made an effort.

You were left feeling despondent; any attempt to clean and spruce up the stone only highlighted the flaws which had begun to appear, and you no longer enjoyed the smooth, sleek finish you had come to expect. The truth was hard to bear: your travertine hadn’t let you down. You let it down with your lack of attention and maintenance.

However, it’s not too late.

Imagine if you could access travertine or tile cleaning services whose primary goal was to restore and rejuvenate tired stone floors, transforming them back to their original splendour and breathing new life back into your office space? At Infinity Flooring, we combine experienced, skilled staff, a variety of different treatments and solutions, and an ethos which puts the customer firmly at the centre.

With our range of stone floor polishing and restoration services, we have the power to transform your stone floor from ugly and dull to a stunning masterpiece at an affordable price. One of the unique features of travertine flooring is that the stone naturally contains holes running throughout. These can be left filled or unfilled, but either way, they require care and maintenance in order to look their best.


Bring the shine back into your floor – and your life – with a refinishing option. Refinishing can remove minor scratches and cracks whilst enhancing extreme shine.


Does travertine floor polishing seem to make no difference to the quality of your floor? Are there unsightly ridges caused by grout which threaten to ruin the fluid perfection? If this is the case, grinding could be the solution. This process flattens the floor to the level of the grout lines, making cleaning a dream, and enhancing natural shine


Designed to remove scratches and signs of wear, stone floor honing removes the top layer of the stone, revealing the fresh, polished surface underneath. Once buffed, an honed travertine floor will sport a flawless finish.


Sometimes your stone just needs a chance to let its natural beauty shine through. Natural stone floor polish can be very effective and can give new life to tired surfaces. Professional polishing can recreate the natural shine, creating a long-lasting effect.


All natural stones are prone to stains, so try and prevent this with sealing. Sealing offers a barrier against environmental damage such as cleaners, dirt and stains, and makes travertine floor care an easier process.

Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Removing stains from any natural stone can be an expensive and time-consuming effort, best left to the pros. Before treating your floor in any way, it is important to start with a thorough deep clean and stain removal. This allows any further treatments to occur on a blank surface, giving them an opportunity to provide full impact. A deep stone floor cleaning can also be an ideal way to freshen up the surface between treatments.


Spotting and addressing repairs early on could save you time, money, and effort in the long run. It is important to catch any issues such as cracks or chips before they have a chance to develop and make repairs quickly. Not only do they spoil the look of your floor, but they can also cause further damage.

Grout Restoration

The last thing you want is your freshly-treated tiles being let down by grubby grout. Grout restoration provides a facelift, offering a new, fresh, and clean feel easily, as well as helping to preserve and extend the life of the grout.

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