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With a rich heritage spanning over 15 years, Infinity Flooring stands at the forefront of rejuvenating travertine floor tiles and surfaces across Perth, infusing them with life once more. Our mastery in refining travertine floors and countertops ensures that they regain their pristine condition, mirroring their original splendour.

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As time marches on, the once radiant and flawless travertine surfaces in your home may lose their dazzle, succumbing to the wear and tear of daily life. Accumulated grime, dust, and everyday wear can compromise the beauty of your travertine, leaving it lacklustre, dull and uninspired.

The emergence of cracks and chips complicates cleaning and upkeep, and you might yearn for the days when your travertine surfaces gleamed without effort.

Enter Infinity Flooring’s travertine restoration services. Our team, boasting over 15 years of expertise in transforming travertine, offers a suite of treatments tailored to rejuvenate your surfaces. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your travertine is not only restored to its former glory but also that the process is seamless and affordable.

Travertine’s durability, surpassing even marble, necessitates specialised care to achieve optimal results, making professional restoration services indispensable.

Travertine Filling

Infinity Flooring’s travertine filling service tackles the challenge of holes and indentations that mar your stone’s surface. Our meticulous approach ensures a flawless blend with the original material, enhancing both the aesthetic and structural integrity of your travertine. This not only revives its beauty but also strengthens it against future wear.

Travertine Repairs

At Infinity Flooring, we excel in the precise repair of travertine surfaces. Whether it’s a minor chip or a more significant crack, our skilled team restores the integrity and beauty of your travertine stone. Our approach not only addresses the immediate damage but also safeguards against potential future issues, ensuring your travertine remains timeless.

Travertine Grout Restoration

The last thing you want is your freshly-treated travertine tiles being let down by grubby grout. Travertine grout restoration provides a facelift, offering a new, fresh, and clean feel easily, as well as helping to preserve and extend the life of the grout.

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Additional Services

Travertine Grinding

Does travertine floor polishing seem to make no difference to the quality of your floor? Are there unsightly ridges caused by grout that threaten to ruin the fluid perfection? If this is the case, Travertine grinding could be the solution. This process flattens the floor to the level of the grout lines, making cleaning a dream, and enhancing natural shine.

Travertine Honing

Designed to remove scratches and signs of wear, Travertine floor honing removes the top layer of the stone, revealing the fresh, polished surface underneath. Once buffed, a honed travertine floor will sport a flawless finish.

Travertine Resurfacing

Infinity Flooring brings unparalleled expertise to travertine resurfacing. We rejuvenate surfaces to reveal the untouched elegance beneath. Our resurfacing process meticulously removes imperfections, unveiling a smooth, polished stone that radiates with renewed vitality.

Travertine Stripping

Dive into the depth of travertine care with Infinity Flooring’s stripping services. We skillfully strip away years of build-up, including old sealants, waxes, and grime, to expose the raw beauty of your travertine. This essential step prepares the surface for further refinishing, ensuring a pristine base for a flawless finish.

Travertine Sealing

Travertine floors are prone to stains, something which can be prevented with sealing. Sealing offers a barrier against environmental damage such as cleaners, dirt and stains, and makes travertine floor care an easier process.

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Restore Your Travertine in Perth Today

What is Travertine?

Travertine stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, a type of limestone deposited by mineral springs, particularly hot springs. Renowned for its distinctively textured surface, which features a blend of porous cavities and concentric rings, travertine exudes an earthy charm and timeless elegance.

This natural stone offers a spectrum of warm hues, from soft ivories and pale creams to rich, deep beiges and tans, making it a favoured choice for both classic and contemporary design schemes. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the travertine stone’s durability and versatility make it a popular selection for flooring, countertops, and architectural accents, bringing a piece of the natural world’s beauty into our homes and spaces.

Where is Travertine Used?

Travertine’s unique beauty and robust nature have made it a sought-after material in various applications, transcending the boundaries of traditional and modern design. Its versatility is showcased in indoor and outdoor settings, harmonising with any architectural style.

Indoors, travertine lends itself beautifully to flooring, offering a warm and luxurious feel underfoot. Its natural insulating properties make it comfortable in various climates. Bathrooms and kitchens benefit from travertine’s use in countertops, backsplashes, and shower surrounds, adding an element of natural elegance and durability.

Outdoors, travertine’s resilience and thermal resistance make it ideal for patios, pool decks, and walkways, providing a non-slip surface that remains cool to the touch, even under the hot sun. Its weather-resistant qualities ensure that its beauty endures through the seasons.

From grand entryways to intimate garden paths, travertine’s timeless appeal and practicality enhance every space, making it a preferred choice for architects and designers aiming to imbue their projects with a touch of natural sophistication.

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Other Common Travertine Finishes

Tumbled: Tumbled travertine is known for its worn, rounded edges and textured surface, giving it an antique and organic look. This finish is achieved by tumbling the stones with grit, simulating natural aging. Tumbled travertine is perfect for outdoor applications like patios and garden paths, as well as for creating a rustic indoor ambience.

Brushed: The brushed finish involves using wire brushes to gently texture the surface of the travertine, enhancing its natural patterns and features. This finish offers a slip-resistant surface, making it suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor living spaces. It provides a more subtle texture than tumbling, striking a balance between rustic and refined.

Filled: Travertine naturally has pits and voids on its surface. The filled finish involves filling these with colour-matched stone resin, creating a smooth, uniform surface. Filled travertine is often honed or polished afterwards, making it an excellent choice for elegant indoor flooring and surfaces where a more consistent appearance is desired.

Polished: Polishing travertine to a high shine accentuates its colours and natural veining, resulting in a luxurious, glossy finish. Polished travertine is most often used in formal areas, such as entryways and dining rooms, where its reflective surface can create a sense of space and opulence. While stunning, it can be slippery when wet, so it’s less commonly used in high-moisture areas.

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